Ludovic Pieterson is a french artist based in Paris passionate about photography and fashion for several years. it was obvious that I turned to fashion photography because it is a universe that suits me and allows me to exploit more deeply that passion.

Having a design training, my sensitivity has evolved over the years from the multidisciplinary that can offer design.

Aesthetics, Simplicity and Elegance are major axes in my photographic work.

My design training allows me to work in different areas such as object design, graphics, space, scenography, video and dance. All these experiences give me the opportunity to enrich myself and learn every day.

inspiration is everywhere.

2018 - Participation in the exhibition "SIMUL" du Centre culturel François-Villon avec le projet "Mémoire perdue"

2019 - Publication in Vogue 

2020 - Streetstyle photographer for Enfnts Terribles 

2020 - Shooting campaign and e-shop for Coltesse 

2022 - Shooting beauté pour La Mer

Paris, France 

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